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Entry for January 17, 2009
Well gosh, its been years since I have updated this blog! Guess you can say "TIME FLIES"  :)  I decided to start updating this blog more and I will try to blog once a week with new product, news and info. 

So, gee a ton has changed since I have last blogged - I have expanded my little gift store a few times and Kim's Korner is now over 2800 sq feet of WOW items! 

We just got this brand new line in - called Eye Kandy Glassware.  See the picture I added in this blog.  These are hand painted wine glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses and plates.  They are so cute and SASSY!  The eye kandy line items are flirty and fun.  The items are designed to be sassy and playful. They have been described as "FUN, WHIMSICAL and EDGY".  Check out the full line today in my store or shop on line. You will love them. Each glass is hand painted (so they are not exactly the same - but you can order sets) and they are designed with permanent and lead free paints - but we reccomend you hand wash! :)

Check back as I will update this blog a lot sooner this time (not years again). I will try to update at least once a week but maybe sooner if I have more great news. 'til next time .............

2009-01-17 20:03:30 GMT